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Our Volunteers

A group dedicated to marshland conservation and education, for the benefit of human, wildlife and water health, today and for future generations.

Consider becoming a Citizens for Marshland Conservation member and/or a volunteer to support and participate in our work.

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Our Mission

Citizens for Marshland Conservation Inc. (CMC) is a registered charity that exists to protect marshland for the benefit of the public by advocating for the protection, maintenance, and conservation, of stressed or threatened marshland including its flora and fauna in the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry, Ontario.  It is made up of dedicated unpaid volunteers, whose purpose is to protect marshland and its unique wildlife.

CMC will work with other Canadian registered charities, local governments, and owners of marshlands to educate the public and those who control marshlands, to foster a call to action to conserve such important yet rapidly disappearing habitat.